DogEase Animal Wound Protection was designed and brought to market by a dog owner called Lisa who did not want to put 'the cone of shame' on her dogs Isabelle and Heidi and could not find a satisfactory alternative. Lisa decided to go to University as a mature student to study Product Design achieving a First Class Honours using DogEase as her major project and coming out with a series of prototypes. Lisa then went on to complete a Masters Degree in design using DogEase as the basis of her postgraduate studies. These years of study gave the product depth through research and development that has resulted in a tried and tested invention that has helped thousands of animals to date.

DogEase is a wearable suit that can offer comfort while your pet is recovering after an operation to help prevent it from licking it's wound. It is made from breathable bamboo fabric with added Lycra for ease of fitting and is designed so it doesn't need to be taken off for most toilet trips. It has no heavy, noisy or fiddly fastenings. 

As with all wound protection please do keep an eye on your pet when wearing DogEase, as Lisa says "It's not a forcefield!" :)

DogEase helped us... here's to easier recoveries!! Get well soon.

All the very best with your little animal's recovery. Lisa x - 2017