Testimonials — hear what the owners said about DogEase

We loved it, really made our pet’s recovery much more comfortable
— Sam Jonhston
I thought Dogease was excellent. Right material and better comfort for the dog rather than the cone. Great invention.
— F. Megahey
Fantastic idea - think Henry actually liked the cosy suit, a feeling of security/warm for older dogs too.
Thanks so much Lisa
— Claire Kearney
I found that Dogease had a calming effect and kept my dog quiet and content
— S. Chapman
I think this is a great product. I feel Ruby recovered better and quicker than she could have with the cone on. The suit did not annoy her in any way and fitted very well.
— Sandi Kane
Fantastic idea for animals after surgery. No stress for Tia, looked comfortable…a fab idea
— R. Purce
Great idea!
— P. Ward
Far exceeds the cone in every respect. Bailey definitely looked extremely relaxed and comfortable in it and he could in no way access his wound.
Delighted to have trialled it.
— Karyn Corry
A fantastic coat, that protected his wound, a very positive experience
— Ailsa White
Lulu was very happy in the suit
— Lynn Anderson
The dog seemed very comfortable in the suit. The suit also washed very well and dried quickly
— L.S.
Really good idea…hates the collar!
— M. Davidson
DogEase is a great idea, the dog had no problems having it on him
— D. Primrose
Fantastic product. highly recommended.
— Jennifer G.