Bentley Mac's Recovery from neutering with the DogEase suit.

We all know about the cone of shame! And how funny it looks when a dog is wearing the lampshade after an operation, but the reality is having something put on their head that amplifies noise, restricts their vision, makes it difficult for them to eat and drink can all result in your dog becoming depressed and stressed. I certainly would not want to wear one.

Bentley Mac is a one year old, miniature schnauzer from Belfast. He is a very lively young man who lives in boisterous household and is very active so there is no way a cone was going to work. 

Day 1

After the operation the vet put Bentley's suit on while he was asleep, but when we got home we discovered the clinic had forgotten to cut a whole out for him to be able to pee. As all boys anatomy is not the same a hole needs to be created in the suit to allow boys to pee through and the bamboo material is perfect for this as it does not fray.

For Bentley, coming around after the operation and adjusting to having no ‘bits’ took a few hours of funny walking.

For the first couple of hours Bentley adjusted to the suit, we had to ease him into the notion of no bits and the wearing of the suit taking it off around the back for a short time and keeping a constant eye on him until he got used to wearing it. Bentley is a sensitive soul.

As well as Bentley being restricted from licking the wound the suit also protected the wound against rubbing on the floor when he was laying down and picking up daily dirt.

For the next few days Bentley settled down and was much happier. We kept a very close eye on him to ensure he was not up to any mischief. The snug fit of the suit acts like a hugging mechanism making the dog feel more relaxed and calm, like he was getting a hug all day and we all love some TLC after an operation.

Over the course of the 10 days, monitoring Bentleys recovery was made easy by being able to slide the suit across gently and check his stitches with ease. It was a relief to see him happy and still be able to be his usual active self after his op.

On the 10th day, the vet was delighted with his recovery and the suit came off. As you can see below, Bentley was very comfy!